The Start of a New Family Adventure

… a furever family.

I’m having a hard time deciding what to write in this first post – I guess I should start with the announcement that I have decided to start fostering dogs through the shelter where I volunteer as a photographer. It will probably be mostly adult Pittie-types that I bring home as they seem to need the most help finding their furever family.

I draw a lot of my fostering philosophy from Chick and the folks at Love and a Six Foot Leash – actually, you can blame them for my decision to become a foster mamma. That and I felt like I could handle giving a dog up to a wonderful family that is just right. So many friends, family, and people I meet tell me how they couldn’t imagine volunteering at the shelter ‘cause they’d want to bring all the animals home with them. More than that, they really couldn’t fathom fostering. So if I can, I feel I should take advantage of that strength. I’m not so silly, though, as to think I won’t shed lots of tears and that there won’t be at least one “failed foster” (meaning I would wind up adopting the animal myself).

I’ve also seen that fostering a dog means more than just bringing it home and giving it love and training – you need to be its advocate (hence this blog). You also need things like “Adopt Me” vests. And Moo MiniCards. And pocket profile cards … and gosh, I haven’t even explored things like Facebook Fan pages, Twitter, or Craigslist.

My plan was to start after the first of the year. It was the time frame Charlie and I had agreed to following the death of our last dog Tippi. I figured I would get back from my January business conference, do my doggy paparazzi thing and see who I bonded with and who needed someone like me. But just like Chick’s mom and dad, I found that the “foster’s timeline” is not my own and I officially started this part of my life on December 19 at approximately 4:00 PM with Lucy (ID: 46491).

Snow Princess Licks-a-Lot

You can check out Lucy, or as I call her Princess Licks-a-Lot, at the Wake County Animal Center website. She’s just a $45.00 adoption fee away from cuddling up on the couch with you tonight.

Please email me at if you have questions or want to arrange a meet and greet.

1 thought on “The Start of a New Family Adventure

  1. We’d like to wish you all the best of luck in this new adventure. I was (admittedly) influenced by that same bunch. I think they’ve done an amazing job over the last year and I’m sure you will do the same. Look forward to your posts.

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