A Dog in Need – Indeed!

The one thing I do know from my volunteering at the shelter is that there is a never ending supply of dogs (and cats) that need our help. And so it was that I came back from my trip ready to throw myself into my work at the WCAC.

I will admit to trolling the website looking for a foster candidate – there were some beautiful red Chow Chows (which I’m partial to) – but as usual they pick you, you don’t pick them. Apparently when I went in on Monday evening I was wearing my “will love the hardship cases no matter what” sign and it was lit up bright when they introduced me to Dexter.

DEXTER? What a name! No really, a Bully breed dog with the name of a TV serial killer? I think he needs a cool name like the ones that “Love and a Six-foot Leash” come up with – What do y’all think of BUBBA DAX? I like it. It fits him and still sounds a little like his given name.

He was in need of a home to give him love, medicine, and an extra bowl or two of noms. You see, his family couldn’t afford his care and not only has he gone beyond “supermodel skinny,” he has had Demodex (the fancy word for non-contagious Mange) for so long that his whole body is covered in scabs. You can see it on his head and snout, but you can feel it everywhere/anywhere that you pet him. But look at this mug – and those monster paws – how could I resist?

Dexter a.k.a. Bubba Dax

He’s a little timid and burnin’ up with a fever such that he snoozes on a blanket at my feet throughout the evening. He’s 11 months old and we’ve seen a glimmer of playfulness once or twice, but I’m excited to see his true personality come out as he starts feeling better.

4 thoughts on “A Dog in Need – Indeed!

  1. Suz you do such a wonderful job! thanks for the tears 1st thing this morning! I know Bubba Dax is a lucky dog having you and Charles as family.


    I’m seeing a theme here – and they still look a little chowish to me (except Tippy), but then again I’ve seen them all.

    Dexter seems too – psyco, and Bubba Dex too redneck. I need to meet him to really have an good feel for a name – I immediately thought Jabba the Hut though? Perhaps after he gains some weight? Hooch might work too.

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