What’s in a Name?

So, back on January 12th I put a poll in my post to gather opinions on giving Dexter a new name. I had suggested Bubba Dax and although when the votes were counted Bubba Dax won, one comment hit home and made me reconsider. When I first came up with that name, my mind went straight to DS9 and Worf (now you know a third thing about me, I have a thing for Klingons). My next thought was of Jo’s Great Dane mix, Dax – hmmmm? I know I would feel the same as she does (see her comment on the poll) and I respect her opposing Dax for that reason.

Robin, Ivy, & Leeloo had a couple of suggestions. “Hooch” was never a consideration – not my style & didn’t fit. Now “Jabba the Hut” was a great suggestion – I mean, other than those long legs and monster paws he does kind of look like one of “the Hut” family.

Bubba the Hut (Jabba's country cousin)

And then I had another flash of brilliance (hmmm … that may just be my limit for the year … kind of early to have used those up) and everything came together. I give you …


Bubba Rex Hangin' on the Sofa

My friend L commented on one of Rex’ FB photos “stud” and Rex is a good “studly” name. But every time I look at that mug I see a “Bubba,” so we’ll keep that as well.

[I actually wrote this post several days ago, before I had looked up his WCAC ID number. Now that would have been a proper name: Mr. 66007, Bond… James Bond.]

So, Rex is slowly learning his new name although he responds to most anything, as in this house the foster dad likes giving our four-legged kids nick names … T-Rex, Stinky Pants, Good Boy … and the list will grow. In a way it’s a good thing; it shows how smart he is to recognize all the different names and his furever family can choose a name for him that fits them all just perfectly.

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