Signs of Improving Health

When I brought Rex home that first night he was really a pretty pitiful pup. His skin was “burnin’ up” as it tried to heal itself and he was starting to get a cold. He wasn’t interested in any of the healthy treats I had grabbed for him and he spent all of his time sleeping.

I guess the first sign that he was feeling better was just one little pounce on a toy I threw across the room. A couple of days later it became even clearer as he barked at me to hurry up with the fixing of his dinner. And on Monday (in a sad statement of just how little I’ve been cooking lately) Rex barked at me when I’d been messing around in the kitchen for quite some time and was not feeding him.

His "Why is it taking you so long to get my food ready?" Face

Slowly he began bringing out all the toys from the toy basket and enjoying little games of “dining room fetch.” We are also working on the concept that laundry baskets are different from toy baskets and that laundry (clean or dirty) is not his to chew. He’s also become very excited about going on walks in the neighborhood.

I think one of the final signs to me that Rex was feeling much better had to do with his increased resistance to spending time in his crate, especially when we all went to bed.

His "I'm too cute to make move" Face

The vets confirmed this morning that his URI is gone. He’s spending the day getting a nice soothing bath for his skin and they’re going to check and see why he’s still so itchy. [Turns out he has a skin infection – another round of antibiotics]

I am excited that I can now start taking him out in public more and that he’s becoming less and less smelly – hmmmm, I wonder what he’ll smell like after his spa day. I hope they give him a mani-pedi too; he needs it!

In need of a mani-pedi!

Remember email me at for more information about adopting Rex (a.k.a. Dexter 66007).

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