Bark, Bark, Bark

Snips was a real barker – he had a reputation as the neighborhood alarm dog. He liked to sit on the front sidewalk, watch the world go by and bark any time there was (or he suspected) man or beast within a 12 block radius of our house. D, our neighborhood watch block captain, said he really appreciated Snips for that.

A blast from the past ... Snips ... a rescue from the SPCA

When we brought Tippi home, she didn’t bark for the first two weeks we had her. She had other noises to let you know she wanted back in the house but the deep sound of her bark was a real surprise the first time we heard it – and she only barked at strangers that came on our yard.

Rex started being more vocal once he got to feeling better. It was just a single bark to emphasize his impatience with me and how quickly I was preparing his meals – or if he felt I had chatted long enough with my neighbor and it was time to get our walk on.

Bubba Rex (a.k.a. Dexter 66007)

Now that his URI is gone and we’ve done a little work on basic commands, I feel that I need to really step up his socialization – and I guess this is where we start the next phase of my education.

We’ve had a few neighbors and friends over to the house. Rex barks at them – it’s not what I would call aggressive, but it is loud, he’s staring right at them and he’s big. Do I have him wait in another room while people arrive or do I attach him to my waist with a leash and use high value treats to redirect his behavior? Additionally, he will start barking at them if they move or make a strange noise later in the visit. And what do I do when we’re in the living room and the hardwood floors make it hard for him to sit or stay?

I also realize that I really need to get him some dog socialization. My friend R and her dog who we’d normally go walking with one Saturday a month is out of commission ‘cause her pooch is recovering from knee surgery. I’d like to walk with my neighbor and his little dog, but Rex was a complete spaz the other morning when we happened to meet them on their walk. I guess I need to consult R and read up on the rules of the walk for the Chicago SociaBulls  – and collect loose change to pay for a training class.

pennies for afureverfamily

4 thoughts on “Bark, Bark, Bark

  1. One trainer I talked to about possibly integrating a 4th dog into my home (and a roommate, this was a while ago!) said that pack walks are helpful even when the dogs never get close enough to sniff noses. We could take one of my two nutters around sometime, and even coerce Jamie to steer the 3rd nutter. Even spread out, it would (eventually) reduce the novelty of being around other doggos. Let me know if you want to try!

  2. I’m happy to walk with the pack! I’ll hold whatever leash needs holding. Also, Zoe came to visit last weekend and while Delia hid, Quinn came out to say hello (somewhat surprisingly). We’re up for an attempt at a kitty visit whenever.

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