He’s Not Just Running – He’s Zooming

Rex is feeling more confident and comfortable every day.

He likes to chase around the dining room when we get home and after dinner. Ball chasing and boxing are two of his favorite activities. So, last weekend we asked our neighbor if he’d let us play ball with Rex in his back yard – see, we have a corner lot and I have yet to figure out how to effectively fence the yard in a cost effective manner. Well, we grabbed a tube of old tennis balls my camera and headed across the street.


Please throw it
Throw it, throw it, throw it ...

Rex had a good time chasing after the ball as Charlie threw it for him, but I especially enjoyed Rex getting a case of the zoomies. I’d heard about it and have tried to watch a few videos on different Pittie blogs. I think these stills give you a little taste, but nothing beats being there.

Rex is definitely going to need a family that will keep him busy with long walks and lots of activities. He gets to be just a little too much when he’s bored.

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