Boxing, Wrestling, and Tug-o-War

Rex’s More Physical Playtime Favorites

More than the point on the top of his head, it’s our observation that all exuberant greetings and play involves Rex throwing those front paws up in the air and at you. We’re working on it and he’s good with strangers and guests, but sometimes the excited puppy just bursts out and paws start flying.

Bubba Rex (a.k.a. Dexter #66007)

He can also be a noisy boy when he’s in his rough and tumble boy mode. His deep bark is accompanied by a rumbly growl that to those who don’t know him might give the impression he wants to tear somebody apart. He doesn’t. It’s all play. I’m not completely sure why I know this, but I do. Is it instinct or does it have to do with a million little pieces of information (body language, eye contact, tone, etc.) coming from Rex? I wish I could pinpoint them so that I could point them out to Charlie. He trusts me that I know what I’m doing, but I know the noises Rex makes concern him sometimes. And in this respect Rex is stereotypically all boy … at least stereotypically human boy – rough and tumble, loud, looking to mix it up just for the fun of it and to burn off some energy.

Run that energy off Bubba Rex, run it off!

Rex and I have epic tug games. I prefer tug as I find there is less chance of me getting bopped or nipped accidentally. Plus, I’m pretty strong for a girl and even when he puts his feet on my chest for leverage I still win. With him feeling better and being more comfortable in our little pack, we have to go back and work on not starting a rowdy game if Foster Momma or Pop says no. As I mentioned in a previous post, I think a good part of this comes about when the walks are insufficient and he’s bored.

Tired or Bored???

I’m very proud of him for settling down quickly when he’s accidentally grabbed my arm or I’ve told him to “settle.” Recently I’ve also been ending our wrestling/tag games by hugging him in close to me. Again, I’m very proud of him for immediately understanding that the game is over — he pretty patiently waits for me to release him.

Settled and waiting ... for Pop to throw the ball!

I know we still have to work on toning this down. I also know it has to do with my energy and the consistency with which we do this. Of course this week consistency is right out the door as the electricians started rewiring the house on Monday – strangers and furniture being moved and rearranged daily – and last night Rex decided to help Foster Pop pull up the some of the old carpeting in the office. Gonna have to keep an eye on him as he will probably try to be an over achiever in that role.

Is that my furever family I hear calling my name?

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