From Unruly to Cuddly Momma’s Boy and Back

augmented by Charlie Foote

Charlie likes to call Rex unruly – he’s not really, he’s just a puppy who needs some training. I had begun to think that he was growing up and moving on from me. He seems to cuddle up to Charlie rather than me when we’re all hanging out on the couch and he’s been quite rude when I’m trying to have a little snack in front of the TV.

But in the end when things get too weird he is a momma’s boy.

Bubba Rex (a.k.a. Dexter 66007)

We’ve had people over to the house since he’s come to live with us – friends, neighbors, electricians – but Friday night was the biggest group – about a dozen of us at the March Foote’s Friday Night party. Rex had only met two of them before, our neighbors J & S. His meet and greet manners need the most work, but R & J arrived first and helped Rex with that a little. He was getting a bit stressed but all was going well – until …

The beer spilled, four people showed up at that same moment and R took Rex by the collar to lead him to the opposite side of the kitchen from the open door and spilt beer. Rex left a yellow line the length of the room. Poor kid, he wouldn’t even go with Charlie when he tried to lead him out the other door for a potty break, that is until he saw I was coming along. R took care of Rex when he came back in, but it didn’t matter how much encouragement and treats she gave him, he wasn’t leaving my side. Once the food was out and I had a chance to just hang out myself Rex became more at ease and made his rounds to all our guests.

I felt bad for the little guy.

I was thankful that R was there to give him the right kind of attention.

And I was proud that Rex didn’t respond with snapping teeth.

Oh, he still has his unruly moments, but we’ll get that all figured out yet.


Bubba Rex (a.k.a. Dexter 66007) is available for adoption through the Wake County Animal Center. For more information, or to arrange a meet and greet, email Foster Momma Suze at

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