I’m struggling with what to write about my crazy little foster tonight. Maybe that’s the problem; he’s been unruly with me lately – like a rebellious teenager –and only gets cuddly when he’s not feeling well – like this weekend after getting into a big bag of treats and eating nearly half of them. I know some of his unruliness is my fault – you wrestle a few times and now he thinks we can do that every time he gets bored or wired. I also realize that I’ve been really tired lately, which means I have neither the patience nor the calm energy that I need to have with him.

How do you keep on track when you have a wired pup and you just want a little down time?

We used the new Halti Head Collar easy lead a couple of times. He wasn’t crazy about it – duh – but he didn’t pull and I was able to distract him from birds, squirrels, and humans. Jack Russell Terriers who charge us on our morning walk — that’s a different story. It worked well enough, but I need to tweak the fit of it.

Oh heck, let’s just say it – I didn’t read the directions or watch the DVD until now. Our walk this evening was much better as I understand how it supposed to fit. Even so, I needed to tighten it up more when we finished. The DVD was right … it is really tight, but man does it work!

Bubba Rex (a.k.a. Dexter 66007)
Bubba Rex (a.k.a. Dexter 66007) is available for adoption through the Wake County Animal Center. For more information, or to arrange a meet and greet, email Foster Momma Suze at

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