Who’s Exercising Who Here?

Bubba Rex is the first dog I’ve had where I have the potential to get some real exercise. Sugar and I were just sibling couch potatoes; going outside was only for going to the bathroom. And poor Snips. By the time I was ready to walk on a regular basis his age had caught up with him. Tippi just needed to stop and pee so often because of her condition that during a “30 minute” walk we might have spent only seven minutes actually walking.

Bubba Rex (aka Dexter 66007)
Bubba Rex (aka Dexter 66007)

Rex needs regular walks to burn off that energy – that energy that manifests itself in chewing and general mischief making. And I’m realizing these walks need to be at a pretty good clip and travel some distance to really burn off the perfect amount of energy.

Just a light trot ...

My legs have been hurting the last week – a good thing. Now if I can just get myself up in the mornings and do this thing twice a day I might even lose a few pounds.

Halti collar make walks better for Foster Momma

So my neighbor and I had been looking to participate in the SPCA K9-3K walk and we found a team this weekend – our talented neighbor, Erin, who is Hoof and Paws Pet Care. That being said, I’m going to see if Rex and I can work hard enough this week that he can join me for the walk … I know, a little crazy, but what the heck. My K9-3K page.

For those chilly mornings ...
If you are interested, he is available for adoption through the Wake County Animal Center. For more information, or to arrange a meet and greet, email Foster Momma Suze at afureverfamily@yahoo.com.

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