Pride & Joy

As much as we have those normal puppy pack leader issues there are times when I just about bust I’m so proud of Bubba Rex – like when Diadra commented on a past blog about how well behaved Rex was during a recent “soothing bath” appointment – all kinds of people around and he very politely stood in the tub while they let the medicated shampoo soak those itchies away.

He’s been getting better and better on our walks ignoring people and a toned down craziness when we come across other dogs. He’s even learned to ignore squirrels and birds with just a well placed “leave it”.

Bubba Rex (a.k.a. Dexter 66007)

It always brings a smile to my face to see him so politely wait for his breakfast and dinner. And although he’s still quite a pest while we’re eating he no longer barks at me demanding some of what I’m eating – and the last few evenings he’s settled in on his dog bed part way through our meal – yea!

So, yes, I’m proud of our little foster dog he’s learning manners and looks oh so beautiful when he gets it right.

You’ll have to come back soon and hear about my big night at Sadlack’s! Foster dad’s music, lots of interesting people and a crazily cute puppy.

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