Are you wicked?

You know, a wicked foster momma.

I am.

Is it because I HATE mornings and just can’t seem to make myself get up early enough to take Rex for a walk?


Is it because I make Rex wear a Halti head collar?


Is it because we put up gates so he can’t at the great “chewy” stuff in the other rooms?


Is it because I took him to Sadlack’s the other night and subjected him to a myriad of experiences all at once?


Is it because I put tasty puppy food nuggets in a treat maze to keep him occupied while we eat?


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No, I’m a wicked foster momma ‘cause the other night I forgot to open the little hole in the treat maze for the nuggets to fall out.

Oh, Rex gave it a good effort and it was only when I picked it up to make sure he had gotten every last nibblet that I realized the cruel joke I had unwittingly played on poor Bubba Rex.

All ends well and I am redeemed and loved by my foster dog who’s looking for his forever family where he will get lots of love, lots of good food, and the sound of laughter.

Contact me at now and we’ll make a play date! I just know you’ll fall for this great pup.

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