Nosey McNoserson

Our foster pup Bubba Rex has developed a new, interesting habit of using his nose to poke at and manipulate things. I’m thinking he wishes he had another prehensile limb of some kind or at least opposable thumbs. He has taken to walking up to a TV tray, for example, and giving it a nudge with his nose. Then he steps back a little to see the result. You can almost see the gears turning in his head. Hmmm… push tray… tray rocks… things on tray wobble… things fall down? Things fall down and I get to take them and play with them?

He has figured out the that door to the third bedroom (or “music room” with all my guitars and stuff) does not latch tightly when pulled shut so if he wants to go in and look around he just approaches the door and pokes it with his nose. He doesn’t even really slow down much in the process. Walk, poke, door open, walk through door. Do dee doo. Luckily no guitars have been harmed in the process of his explorations.

Of course, Rex’s use of his nose is not the first time I’ve witnessed such a thing. Our big ol’ Lab Tippi used to use her nose to tamp down the dirt after she had buried something in the yard. She was very deliberate with it. She even got some trowel-type action out of her schnozzle.



If I can get a video of Rex actually nosing at something I will post it. I tried a few times earlier this week, but it is so random when he does it. I tried grabbing my phone and recording him right after he had nudged the TV tray and all I got was two minutes of him staring at me in a very bored manner, like so:


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


I think Rex’s nosing and nudging show his curiosity. It’s like he is experimenting with the world around him to see how it works. Who says cats have the market cornered on inquisitiveness, anyway?

If you’re curious yourself about how to meet Rex and adopt him into your family, just email foster momma Suze at to set up a play date. He’s ready to poke you with his nose and get to know you.

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