Happy Mother’s Day

I don’t have any kids – at least none that I know about 😉 😉 ROTFL! Sorry, an old joke I heard once from a female comedian that I thought had a great reversal of the male punch line. But, back to my point, over the years I’ve said that I have four-legged fur kids starting with my dear Sugar, then my cat Spice, my half Chow Chow Snips, and most recently our Tippi (yes, we have been Labradored).

There were little indications of the “mothering instinct” over the years – waking up from a deep sleep as one of them started to get sick in the middle of the night at the opposite end of the house, and with Tippi’s incontinence issues (compounded by Cushing’s disease causing her to drink more than half a gallon of water a day) I recognized that strength and patience to put up with most anything.

Now, I need to take a moment here to say that I know I learned a great deal about strength and perseverance from my mother, Irene Simeroth. She doesn’t give up on me and I won’t give up on the important people and animals in my life.

Little did I know that becoming a foster momma to Bubba Rex in January would bring out so many more aspects of motherhood. Much of it has been about having to take care of someone so sick and making sure I loved on them no matter how icky they felt (remember, he was mostly furless and covered in scabs and pimples when he first came to us.) But what I’ve really seen is how like a child he is – clinging to me when he’s frightened, getting into mischief when he’s bored, making me proud of his progress in greeting people properly, needing an outlet for all that youthful energy, and needing me to teach him some of the basics of being a good family member.

I’m working on being better about that. I won’t give up on him so I can’t fail him. I’ve also realized that I don’t need to make him perfect before he finds his furever family (but more on that in another post). So, if you think Rex just might be for you, click on this email address (afureverfamily@yahoo.com) and send us a message about setting up a meet and greet date. He’s mange free and neutered, which means he’s ready to go home with you today!

Again, Happy Mother’s Day to all the nurturers in the world; you do amazing things and mean the world to those you love.

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