I Box You Now!

Charlie is convinced that if Bubba Rex spoke English rather than Dog this would be his signature phrase.

He definitely likes to get on his hind legs and throw those big paws at you. It’s taken some time and trial and error to figure out how to break him of this habit. He’s getting it – sometimes the joy of seeing me at the end of the day is too much to contain and that’s when you have to remember to step into him and continue on about your business.

Initially we went with the “take away your attention” technique. We’d turn our back on him or walk out of the room, but he’d continue to jump on our back or bite our ankles. He was especially bad about me when I came home from work each night. It was really stressing out Charlie ‘cause he’d act pretty good with him throughout the day.

One night on our walk we ran into Erin (Hoof and Paws Pet Care) who is now a dog trainer with K9 Solutions. We stood on the street corner talking for most of an hour and her recommendation was to not give up “space” to Rex. Rather, we needed to step into him when he jumps on us, and if he bites at our ankles we need to push back into him … it’s all about us “owning the space”. Confidence and leadership. [Yep, spent three hours last night being re-trained – me that is.]

As my friend R said the next weekend, each dog has a different personality and therefore it takes knowing more than one technique to be the leader of your pack.

Bubba Rex (a.k.a. Dexter 66007)

I have no photos of us boxing. Instead a photo of  he before he got all buffed out from training as a boxer. Click our email address afureverfamily@yahoo.com and we’ll set up a time to meet!

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