We – no – he did it!

I’m sure when we get home from our vacation and there’s no one there to bark at us or give us the “whale eye” it will become quite real that Bubba Rex has moved on to his new furever family.

In some ways it all happened very quickly – JA emailed us after seeing Rex’s flyer at the Pet Supply Plus®. We arranged to meet at Lion’s Park. It went well – Rex was full of beans and took to JA with paws up and mouth open. JA liked our Bubba Rex a lot and we talked about setting up a time for his teenage sons to meet Rex. The universe began to line up for our foster pup and we were able to meet the next day at Lion’s Park again.

There were no games that evening so we put Rex on a long training lead and went out to the outfield for some playtime with a tennis ball. Rex’s personality came through as he chased the ball and rolled around in the grass. He also wrestled with me and tried to nip my feet. The boys were getting lots of laughs out of Bubba Rex’s antics.

So I asked the big question – “Is he your dog?” The boys were quick to tell JA they thought they should adopt him. The smile that spread across JA’s face said everything.

He needed to puppy proof his house first so we dropped Rex off at the Center on our way to the airport Friday morning. That way JA could come by after work and finalize the adoption. It made the transition easier for us in some ways – well, except for the sound of him barking at us as we walked away from the kennel, and waiting to hear from the Center that JA had come for Rex and he officially had his new furever family.

We keep coming across photos and videos on our phones – they are full of good memories, and we wonder about the next step in this journey of being a foster family … there’s even some discussion of working with the itty-bitty kitties that are flooding in to the Center right now.

In the meantime, check out the WCAC Foster set to find your next family member.

Packing for the Big Move

3 thoughts on “We – no – he did it!

  1. So happy he has found a furever home, but will be sad not to say hello to him in the mornings. 🙂

  2. Kittens! Kittens are wonderful, but you’ll most certainly want to get back to dogs ASAP =p We can’t seem to get rid of ours. There are so, so many, though.

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