Getting comfortable

Sookie is settling into life with us well. She is a wonderfully sweet girl and we’re really enjoying her. Well, I should say foster poppa and I are enjoying her. Her foster bro, Tic Tac, not so much. And just to be clear, that is ALL Tic Tac. Sookie has been very good with him despite Tic Tac’s constant ambushes, ear biting, and muzzle gnawing.

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Sookie put Tic Tac in his place only a couple of times – once when the ear biting was getting out of hand and then again when Tic Tac didn’t take the hint from all of Sookie’s signals to leave her food alone.

On Monday we figured out the whole “potty in the yard” thing. I finally realized that not only was she not used to going on a lead, but she may have had a big yard previously and was able to get farther away from the house than what the lead was allowing. I got the 20’ training lead out and followed her around the yard at the full distance – voila, success! We used it for a day or so and now she’s using the short lead off the front porch like a pro. Next step: convincing her it is okay to go outside after dark.

Other than her timid nature, she’s a super easy dog to take care of. Please shoot me an email ( if you’d like to meet her.

Sookie (WCAC ID: 74447)

One more thing before I post – she likes to hide/nap under our bed (a new experience for me). It’s very funny as I’ve never had a dog small enough for that and Sookie isn’t necessarily small enough to do it. Only once did it not seem like a good idea – it was 2 AM and Tic Tac decided he wanted that spot. Other than jarring us awake, their little kerfuffle knocked some electrical plugs out of their wall outlet. Is “My dog and cat unplugged my alarm clock” a valid excuse for being late to work?

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