Changing Fate

Jewel has been drawing the short straw lately. Her previous owner could no longer afford four dogs so he surrendered her to the WCAC – and then she was attacked in her first foster home (the other dog was used to momma bringing home cats) and although she was just defending herself she wound up in ISO (dog isolation) awaiting behavior assessment.

Jewel (WCAC ID: 75108)

Her life took a turn for the better when we showed up Friday to give Sookie over to her new furever family. As seems to be the norm lately, ISO was full and I walked us through pointing out different dogs and what they needed. Jewel got me with that “please pick me” worried look on her face – and when we got in the kennel with her, well, she may sit on her tail in submission but it’s so long you can see it wagging between her legs.

She’s been a very sweet and easy girl to work with. She’s already learned to do her business when we put her on the lead out the front door. Less than 24 hours after I brought her home she was fawned over by a bunch of my girlfriends. She was super friendly, looked for love and affection from everyone and just settled down next to whoever gave her that attention.

I think Tic Tac likes her, too. Friday when we brought her home the first thing he did was grab her face and give her snout a thorough sniffing – she pulled her head away, but that was it. Jewel has also paid no mind to any of Tic Tac’s food stealing tactics, either. Tic Tac has been much less abusive to Jewel as he was to Sookie and even slept with us last night.

All in all, Jewel doesn’t seem so much timid as she is looking for constant approval. She should be easy to find a furever home for, and I’m not sure how I feel about that…

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