The dog ate my homework

Or in my case, the dog makes me late for work.

It started years ago with my first cat, Spice. To him I was merely warm furniture and it quickly became a standing joke between my Charlie and me that we were incapacitated to get a drink from the fridge ‘cause we were “trapped by a cat.”

In fact, as I write this Tic Tac has taken on the role of trapping me.

trapped by a cat

Jewel really worked it the other morning – it’s like she knew just how much I despise mornings and would like nothing better than to catch a few more winks.

lounging is better than working

But I think Sookie had the freshest approach. We put her out on the back lead while Charlie said goodbye to me – I turned around and found this …

I go to work with you?

2 thoughts on “The dog ate my homework

  1. I’m a little fuzzy on where you’re located. You may want to include a state or town more prominently in your posts in case somebody sees a dog they’d like to adopt. Put your email address in every post, too. Most of the dogs in my life came from shelters or off the road, so I appreciate what you’re doing. And thanks for following us on Twitter. – Owen Taylor, AgFax Media LLC

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