A failure of the very best kind

I’ve been remiss in posting to afureverfamily.com and I’m afraid it may continue to be that way for a little while, unless of course I decide to write about things other than fostering. You see, I’m planning on putting my fostering on hold while I take Ruby through some training classes and get her fully established in our pack.

Yes, this is Jewel, our most recent foster. I changed her name to Ruby – full name Ruby Jewel – and fell in love with this gangly girl with the white socks and the perpetual concerned look on her face.

It was no easy decision to decide to keep her as I knew I would want to take time away from fostering and right now the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) needs foster families more than ever.

If you’d like to help out some very grateful little – or big – pups, click here and contact the WCAC for more details and to fill out an application for the foster program.

Quite frankly, Ruby doesn’t look like the next dog I saw myself with. I was looking for a cutie pie blue and white pittie type, not a malinois, boxer, whippet mix. But I really should have known better; it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most. After all, my first love is chow chows and yet after Snips was gone I brought home a big black lab.

Apparently it was pretty obvious to my friends that Ruby was going to be a permanent part of our family. After all, not only were there no fliers, calling cards or blog posts, but her WCAC website entry has no bio and only her intake photo. And although it’s been on my mind the last week it solidified this weekend when a friend’s dad, who is looking for the perfect dog, asked to take her on a short walk. Oh no! What if he wanted her?!

Well, that was that. Yesterday I signed her up for a Canine Good Citizen class at Teamworks and I took care of the paperwork this afternoon.

Now to talk Charlie into letting me bring home another foster soon rather than later …

5 thoughts on “A failure of the very best kind

  1. Well congratulations!!! A famous person has been quoted saying you don’t get the dog you want, you get the one you need….I truly believe that, I think they (the dogs) choose us. It was like that with ours and they have been wonderful. Both our dogs have “special needs” as we call it and I think they would not have had such a good life if another family would have adopted them. They are only with us for a short time so we must make the best of it…:) Enjoy your new family member!

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