Won’t you hold and cuddle me?

Featuring another wonderful Wake County Animal Center (Raleigh, NC) foster.

Hi. My name is Clyde. I’m a mutt. I’m two years old. Please adopt me.

Well, Clyde is a little shy – okay – he’s a LOT shy so I talked with his foster momma to see if we could find out some of the special things about this handsome redhead.

You get the best of all breeds with Clyde. He’s probably a Labrador and boxer mix but there are so many other snippets in his DNA that “Heinz 57” is a better name for it.

20121001-123134.jpgThe past few weeks have been a little rough for a shy guy like Clyde who is cautious in new situations. The shelter was scary for him but he’s getting better and slowly adjusting now that he’s with a caring foster family. He seems to get along with other dogs and completely ignores all of his foster momma’s foster cats.

He’s a little underweight right now but loves his food AND hot dogs – I see treat motivated training in his future! They’re currently working on house training, basic commands and walking on a leash.
Clyde has recently tested positive for heartworms, which is fixable. Just ask his foster momma and she’ll be happy to talk to you all about it.

This sweet, gentlest of boys needs someone to take him home, love him, encourage him, and teach him all the great things about being a dog. Is that you? Email afureverfamily@yahoo.com to get in touch with Clyde’s foster momma and set up a meet and greet today.


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