Parkour Cat Takes a Misstep

Or, How the Cat with No Fear Learned a Healthy Respect for Big Dogs.

An attack from above
An attack from above

So, Tic Tac is known to be fearless where dogs are concerned. He also likes running through the house using walls and furniture to launch off like parkour or freerunning athletes. And that’s where our story begins.

Here we go up the 4×4

I brought Ruffus home Friday after work. We handled introductions with Ruby out in the yard and Tic Tac was waiting for us at the door when we headed inside. It didn’t matter that Ruffus’ head is bigger than Tic Tac’s whole body, Tic Tac stood there and the two sniffed each other. I breathed a sigh of relief as Ruffus had not been cat tested before I agreed to keep him for the week.

Because he was new to our house, we kept Ruffus on a short leash and put his kennel in the office so Tic Tac wouldn’t be able to aggravate him when we weren’t around.

Ruby and Tic Tac started a game of tag Saturday morning, which really had Ruffus’ attention. Yep, our big headed dog has a little prey drive. “Oooo, it moves fast. Must chase!”

I sat down on the end of the couch nearest the mat while Tic Tac decided that very moment in time that he needed some freerunning. He raced from the living room to the dining room and back. Ruffus stood in his path back and Tic Tac, being the parkour kitty he is, went to vault himself over his doggy obstacle using Ruffus’ big head as a launch pad. Well, Ruffus just tipped his head back and brought Mr. Tic Tac down.

It happened so quickly I’m not even certain what all took place. There was some screeching. I saw Tic Tac below Ruffus’ head and then Tic Tac jumped up on the corner table and there was a whole lot of hissing. Since then Tic Tac keeps a low profile when Ruffus is out and about the house. The whole incident seems to have heightened Ruffus’ prey drive where Tic Tac is concerned ‘cause once he catches sight of Tic Tac there is no re-directing his attention.

Such excitement. I wonder what Tic Tac’s reaction will be to the next dog to come into our house?

Who’s Momma bringing home now?

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