Such a short time

We may have only had him for a week. He may have smelled funny, chased our cat and bullied Ruby, but something about that big-headed lug just makes you love him.

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Ruffus went home to his foster family on Friday as planned. I hear through FB that it’s a good thing because we may have found ourselves being stalked by his foster momma; apparently she really, really loves that guy.

I got a FB message from Ruffus’ foster momma saying that Ruffus is doing great. He’s healing fast and learning to play. Apparently his inner goofball really came out in the great outdoors. And more good news: it turns out he doesn’t need all the dental work that was first diagnosed. Yay!

Ruffus won’t officially be available for adoption until he is completely healed, but email me at and I’ll put you in touch with his foster family.

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