It happened again

The plan was to go back to taking a break from fostering once we got Ruffus back with his foster family. I dropped him off around 8 a.m. that Friday morning and later that afternoon C and J were calling me – another medical case needed us. I’m not really sure how we ended up on the “major medical” fostering call list ‘cause I don’t see myself as having the knowledge or experience to handle such things. J tells me it’s because our house is a quiet place for those in need of some recovery zen.

But you guys don’t want to hear me talk about this – you want to meet our new foster dog!

Meet Milton – we’ll talk more about his name in the future.

Milton (ID: 80000)

Milton was a stray being looked after and fed by a kind gentleman, but when Milton was hit by a car it was time for the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) to take over his care. After a few days at the Center the vets determined that they couldn’t wait any longer for his owner to show up and they removed his right front leg.

That was October 24th and by the time we brought him home with us November 4th he was doing great. He could stand up, jump down and get back up into his raised kennel and even hike his leg on other kennels. This made me feel a lot better as I’ve never had to help an injured dog around before. Now, we found out rather quickly that the floors in Dog Isolation were the ONLY surfaces he was comfortable walking on; he wasn’t two feet out the door before he flattened himself to the ground and wouldn’t budge. We had to carry him to the car.

The car ride home – a little stressful, understandably.

Once we got to the house he took a few steps here and there but the newness and change of it all meant that I carried him into the house several times that day.

He can work the poor pitiful me look quite well. The best was when we were standing at the curb talking to a neighbor. Next thing I know I look down and Milton has lain down in the gutter and put his head down on his one front paw. Talk about your major sympathy ploy.

That was Sunday and by Tuesday he had perked up and was getting around the yard and our house quite well. Our floors are all hardwoods, so we have put down lots of rubber-backed throw rugs. That way every room has somewhere for him to regain his balance or take a nap.

He still “goes flat” but that’s usually in response to the leash or us wanting him to come back in the house before he’s ready.

Awww, poor puppy

Milton will be available for adoption when he’s completely healed. In the meantime I’ll try to keep you up to date on all our adventures.

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