Anything you can do…

Milton can do too.

One of my concerns in fostering Milton was that he had only three legs and how that might limit him. What all would we need to do to help him get around and do all those mundane daily doggy tasks?

He slips a little on the wood floors in our house, but he gets around pretty well. He only wipes out when he tries to run through the house or get out of your way quickly. And, outside, well, outside he gets around just great – just ask Charlie. Thursday morning Milton slipped out of the door and ended up giving chase through Lions Park before Charlie caught up with him.

Training for an adventure

Milton navigated the couple of steps in and out of the house that first day we brought him home, about 10 days after his surgery. In very short order he was making himself comfy on the front porch couch. Now that wasn’t so surprising, because the couch on our front porch is fairly low to the ground and Milton does seem to enjoy the outdoors.

Hanging on the front porch

More recently I found Ruby and myself being joined on the living room couch by Mr. Milton. This couch is quite a bit taller than the porch couch so I was duly impressed with Milton’s improvement. He’s also been sniffing around the master bed putting his good front paw up there so he can see what the rest of us are up to.

Cozy on the living room couch

We joked about him possibly making it up on the bed one of these days – and that day was today. I had let Ruby and Milton out early and crawled back into bed. I was starting to doze off when I realized there were more feet on the bed than was the norm. I rolled over and there was a big ol’ black and tan dog butt settling down next to me.

Milton’s latest accomplishment

Milton improves daily both in what he can do and in his mood. He really is a great dog. Email me at if you think he might be the dog for you.

Each with their own side

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