Good with dogs and cats

After, “are they housetrained?” the second most asked question from potential pet adopters is “are they good with other dogs and/or cats?” It’s a question we ask as a foster family that includes one cat (who has no fear) and one dog. When we were first considering taking in our most recent foster dog, Milton, we had no idea how he was with cats, but the animal center staff figured Milton was good with dogs as he didn’t seem to be bothered by the other dogs in Dog Isolation.

We did our normal introduction in the yard with Milton and our dog, Ruby. Milton was more focused on being outside for the first time since he had lost his leg, but he and Ruby did plenty of sniffing of each other. Ruffus, a dog we looked after for a week, had finally taught Tic Tac a little healthy respect for big dogs, so Tic Tac approached Milton carefully. Milton sniffed after Tic Tac, but did not chase him. So, yes, good with cats.

Ruby and Milton have been running around the house and yard together. Each day they seem to play with each other a little more. As I write this they are both curled up on the couch next to me. But the deciding incident in answering that “good with other dogs” question was when I had a small little cup with some raw egg yolk left in the bottom and I held it down for Ruby to lick it clean. Milton joined in and both of them, heads side by side and both with tongues in the cup, licked up the wonderful yolk without a peep.

Milton is good with other dogs and cats … you can take my word for it.

Milton (WCAC ID: 80000)

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