Family First

This is Toby.

Toby (WCAC ID: 73329)
Toby (WCAC ID: 73329)

He is a wonderfully sweet and tolerant year-old pittie mix.

He’s had kind of a bumpy go of it lately due to no fault of his own.

Toby_73329_20121231_8896A friend of ours, L, brought Toby home as her first venture into fostering. He got his name when he fell asleep to a Toby Keith song on the way home. The first thing L did when she got Toby home was to give him a bath. He stood there like a perfect little gentleman through the whole thing.

Now L’s own dog, Miss R, was none too excited about having a new “little” foster brother in the house, especially one who was such a big galoot who wanted to bounce and play. But they were working it out and things were going well.

Then last Saturday while L was working to get them both in the house Miss R got loose and ended up being chewed on pretty significantly by a neighborhood dog. By the time L got Toby put up and got back outside she had to pry the snout of the other dog off Miss R.

L and I talked later that night after they had gotten home from the emergency vet. It tore at her heart but she felt that for Miss R’s sake she needed to bring Toby back to the Center.

I know there are lots of ways to think about it, but I’ve always felt that I needed to look after the needs of my family first – then we’ll save the world. Miss R needed to heal in a stress-free environment with her momma’s undivided attention.

Toby (WCAC ID: 73329)
Toby (WCAC ID: 73329)

And Toby needs you to help him find his furever home. He really is a terrific dog. You can email me at and I’ll put you in touch with L who will happily tell you all about Toby.

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