Sweet Khayla Brown

The amazing photos in today’s post are courtesy of Shannon Johnstone.

Her bio says she’s just a plain ol’ average brown dog. I’m here to tell you she is so much more.

Khayla (WCAC ID 79856)
Khayla (WCAC ID 79856)

We met up with her and her foster mom at the Wake County Animal Center last night for the handoff. Kay (or Kay-Kay, as I’ve been calling her) just rolled with the flow as we loaded up her and her stuff in our Tribute. It’s a short ride to our house, but she quickly settled down after a few kisses.

Khyla_79856 dWe did the normal introduction routine with our Ruby – both on a leash meeting in the front yard and eventually heading into the house. We actually headed in doors fairly quickly as Miss K is a bit of a priss and didn’t like getting her paws wet.

She and Ruby had a great time romping and playing throughout the house. It wasn’t long before Kay-Kay was zonked out on her bed. She’s very cute when you don’t see her for a bit and go to find her sacked out or chewing on a bone while she hangs out on her bed. Actually, any old throw rug can be substituted in a pinch.

After our morning ablutions we all jumped back into bed. Kay-Kay joined us; she had slept the night on the living room couch. There was some bed wrestling, which is a favorite spectator sport of mine, so there were a couple of timeouts called. Pretty soon I had one zonked out on either side of me. I love weekend family naps.

Khayla (WCAC ID: 79856)
Khayla (WCAC ID: 79856)

Well, that’s all I have for now. Email me at afureverfamily@yahoo.com to arrange a play date.

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