Playtime – a Cultural Exchange in a Dog’s World

I’m told Ruby came from a home with three other dogs. She’s quite submissive but can be playful. We saw this when she and a previous foster (who was healing from losing a leg) romped through the house on more than one occasion.

We knew going into it that Kay-Kay had a playful side that could annoy a Jack Russell Terrier, but I’m told that Jack Russells have very specific ideas about play and are not too tolerant of other play varieties.

Beyond just being fun to watch it has been interesting to see Kay-Kay and Ruby play with each other – it’s like some strange doggy cultural exchange. Kay-Kay is all for wrestling and getting underneath Ruby to bite on her legs and haunches. Ruby’s not sure about that game and has put Kay-Kay in her place a couple of times when she got a little too nippy.

Kay-Kay Chewing_20130115_8981
Khayla (WCAC ID: 79856)

Ruby has introduced Kay-Kay to her favorite game, which seems to be a version of “Keep-Away/Chase.” Kay-Kay will be on the couch with a stuffed toy when Ruby will come up and grab the end of it. A very brief interlude of tug ends with Ruby prancing off with the stuffy in her mouth and Kay-Kay chasing after. Shortly you’ll hear them scampering towards you from the other room. Now it’s Kay-Kay with the stuffy in her mouth heading for the couch with Ruby trailing.

Bed wrestling has given way to family naps – not a bad thing – and we’re still waiting to see what kind of outdoor play these two will share.

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Email me at and you too can share your play style with this sweetie.

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