From Eating Crow to Lap Napping

Let’s face it: I’ve eaten a lot of crow in my life and so you think I would have learned better. I was so superior – my dogs and cats were on MY schedule; none of this demanding to be fed or getting up early on the weekends in my house.

Yep, as I sit here on my front porch waiting for my foster, Kay Kay, to finish her business, I listen to the quiet of my downtown neighborhood at 3:00 AM and think how un-superior I am with my bed-head and hubby’s robe.

Khayla (WCAC ID: 79856)
Khayla (WCAC ID: 79856)

Kay Kay’s skin issues make her super itchy right now and with Benadryl only doing its job for four hours Kay Kay starts scratching at some point in the night and I know it’s time to dose her. I have gotten smarter and pre-fill a Pill Pocket that I can keep on my nightstand and just roll over to grab instead of having to get up.

Some nights, like tonight, she starts scratching furiously and I hear her get out of bed. I try to coax her back into bed, but several minutes later I hear her bat the bedroom door with her Pittie paw. I’ve tried to wait her out in the past but her stubbornness exceeds my need to get more sleep before work tomorrow. I think my new tactic is going to be to just get up when she jumps out of bed – the scenario ends the same with hopefully a lot less lost sleep for me.

There is one aspect of this pet driven lifestyle that has led to a little ritual with Kay Kay that I quite enjoy.

Kay-Kay & Ruby Playing_20130115_8950

So even if we’ve been out at say, 3:00 AM, at about 5:30 or 5:45 all three of them, Ruby, Kay Kay, and Tic Tac, conspire to start the day. Really, Tic Tac starts it by using the underside of the bed as a scratching post, which gets Ruby bouncing around going after him – at which point all three are just restless and having wrestling matches on top of me.

Kay-Kay & Ruby Playing_20130115_8957 Kay-Kay & Ruby Playing_20130115_8960 Kay-Kay & Ruby Playing_20130115_8961

Again, it’s best just to get up. I let Ruby and Kay Kay out into the yard and as I head back into the house Tic Tac slips out on the porch for some early morning bird watching. I prepare their meds and breakfasts, and bring my CPAP machine out to the living room. They come in and get straight to work on the food while I settle into the recliner with a quilt and my mask.


And here’s the part I like – when Kay Kay finishes she runs in and throws herself in my lap – I love my early morning Kay Kay lap naps – they’re especially great on the weekends when I don’t have to be anywhere in the morning.

Khayla-79856_Droid_Photos & Videos_072407Khayla-79856_Droid_Photos & Videos_084453

So what crazy, pet demanding thing has turned into a sweet little ritual for you?

Khayla-79856_Droid_Photos & Videos_084651

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