And the Two Shall Become One

In June of 2010 I started writing about my experiences as a canine paparazzo for the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) at and in December 2011 when we decided to become fosters for the WCAC I started my afureverfamily blog. It’s now October 2013 and we are no longer in the fostering “business.” My passion for the lost and discarded has not waned, but with our third “foster failure” I had to agree with my husband that our home has a max capacity of two dogs and one cat.

So, it’s time to combine my rescue marketing efforts and take in a new and exciting direction – a place where we talk about animal welfare, rescue and training issues; a place to find resources for our four-footed fur-covered family members; and, of course, a place to tell stories about my own adorable crew. There will still be photos posted of great dogs available for adoption through the WCAC, but I’ll be adding some “long-timer” and foster profiles, too.

I hope you’ll stop back by from time to time. The intake at the shelter doesn’t ever stop, so we continue to dedicate ourselves to doing what we are capable of to help all that cross that threshold.

my three little “foster failures”

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