Passed Over

The Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) takes in 75-100 dogs a week, on average. Between owner reclaims and adoptions, 55-60% of these animals find themselves with family but this also means that some sweet dogs find themselves spending more than just a few days waiting for their new life. As I revamp the afureverfamily website I plan on highlighting some of these “long timers.”


Bumpy is a reddish-brown and white American Pit Bull. This little guy is a little over two years old and weighs around 45 lbs. – a nice size. His WCAC ID number is 90645.

He’s been living at the shelter since early July – that’s 122 days and counting! Time enough for him to become a volunteer and staff favorite. The Fido Fitness Crew tell me that he walks very nicely on a leash. He’s treat motivated, which will make training much easier. He already knows “sit” and would love to learn to work his brain doing tricks. Also, Bumpy asked that I be sure and tell you that he knows how to take those treats very gently.


Bumpy has been able to take advantage of the Dogs Playing for Life program at the WCAC. This has given us some more insight into the kind of lifestyle he would do best in. He’s quite the “teenage boy” and plays best with the girl dogs. Letting him loose in a dog park is not for him because he’s a dog who needs his canine playmates selected for him by his human and slow introductions is another key to his success.

Bumpy is one of those great “split personality” dogs – he loves to cuddle and hang out with people – a suspected couch potato. But he also really, really loves the outdoors whether he’s romping in the fall leaves or going on hikes around the lake.


If you’re looking for a hiking partner who wants to hang on the couch with you after a fun day enjoying nature, stop by the WCAC any day of the week between noon and 6 p.m. to meet this sweetheart.

Bumpy (WCAC ID: 90645)
Bumpy (WCAC ID: 90645)

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