Last month, gosh it seems like only yesterday, Facebook was full of people sharing what they are thankful for on a daily basis. I thought I’d put together a post of all the dog things I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful …

One. For Charlie, my sweet husband, who understands the need for dogs in my life and the many ways he supports me in that.

Two. For my sweet Ruby Jewel, my first foster failure – her wiggly butt when she sees people and she wants affection.

Ruby Jewel
Ruby Jewel

Three. For my very own Pit Bull, Khayla – there is nothing more wonderful than having her draped across my lap.

Khayla "The Money Pit"
Khayla “The Money Pit”

Four. For my first shelter dog, Tippi, who taught me about dedication and love for family.

Five. For Spice, the cat who was raised like a dog and only became a cat after Charlie came into my life.

Six. For Sugar and Snips, my red Chow Chows – they were so beautiful.

Seven. For Tic Tac, the little alien who gets on all the counters, and gets me up in the wee hours of the morning by enticing Ruby to chase her all over the bed.

Tic Tac creates his own chaos.
Tic Tac creates his own chaos.

Eight. For Shannon Johnstone’s Landfill Dogs project – wonderful photographs tell such a larger story.

Nine. For my first foster, Bubba Rex – seeing him be adopted from the miserable little pup that came to us.

Our first foster
Our first foster

Ten. To have met the rock star of a foster coordinator of the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) – Joanne’s strength doing a job that tears at your heart inspires me to keep doing what little I do for the shelter. And she got me into Hurricanes hockey!

Eleven. For Dogs Playing for Life® playgroups at the WCAC – it’s a wonderful program and great fun to watch.

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Twelve. For Dr. Jen and the things she’s done to improve the life of our shelter animals.

Thirteen. For the volunteers at the WCAC – you inspire me with your passion, dedication, and energy to help all the abandoned.

Fourteen. For all the staff at the WCAC – they have a love and dedication to the animals that few of us have seen.

Fifteen. For the opportunity to volunteer at the WCAC – whenever I come back I realize I’ve been away too long.

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Sixteen. For assisting with dog training and being able to transfer my knowledge to the dogs I meet at the WCAC.

Seventeen. For Jenny, Christie and all of the All About Pets Grooming staff – they are just the best people.

Eighteen. For Erin of Hoof and Paws Pet Care – she has a special bond with animals and I trust my fur kids with her completely.

Nineteen. For everyone at Teamworks Dog Training – every class and trainer has taught me so much about understanding my dogs.

Twenty. For Robin and Christie allowing me to assist in their dog training classes – learning from them and helping others has been amazing.

Twenty-one. For the new disc dog classes at Teamworks Dog Training – Ruby keeps wanting to jump ahead.

Somebody loves disc...
Somebody loves disc…

Twenty-two. For Dr. Tham and his students in the dermatology department of the NCSU Vet School – Khayla looks amazing and I know we will get her to perfection one day – hopefully without the kangaroo kibble.

Twenty-three. For Dr. Price of Six Forks Animal Hospital – she has such a wonderful bedside manner.

Twenty-four. For Pit Bull blogs like Two Pitties in the City and Love and a Six-Foot Leash who inspired me to blog and foster.

Twenty-five. For the art of Dean Russo – he shows a Pittie’s true beauty.

Twenty-six. For Pit Bull hero stories like Lilly’s and Wallace’s – the world needs to hear the good.

Twenty-seven. For our Dogwatch® Hidden Fence – it has given Ruby such joy to race around the yard letting all her inner Greyhound out.

Twenty-eight. For my magnificent Magnolia tree in my yard – it seems like Ruby sees it as her personal tree house.

Twenty-nine. For two dogs who love riding in the car.

are we there yet - are we there yet - are we there yet
are we there yet – are we there yet – are we there yet

Thirty. For the wonderful mini-vacation at the beach we were able to take with our dogs – we highly recommend Seahawk Inn & Villas in Atlantic Beach, NC.
2013-06-01 07.43.55

And I admit that as soon as I finished this I thought of a dozen more things …

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