New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year where we like to make grand promises about drastic changes to how we live, work and play. I gave up on them years ago ‘cause they were usually about my eating habits and my mind was quickly fogged by the gloriousness of some piece of dark chocolate I had popped in my mouth.

But as I thought about what to write about here on I started thinking about the 40 to 70 animals that are coming in to the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) every day since they re-opened after Christmas and I decided that maybe my resolutions shouldn’t be about me.

My head is swimming with things …

  • Spend more time with Tic Tac, Khayla and Ruby
  • Train with Ruby and Khayla daily
  • Take Ruby and Khayla on daily walks
  • Play with Ruby and Khayla in the yard more often
  • Volunteer more at Teamworks Dog Training, LLC
  • Study dog behavior and training
  • Volunteer at least once a week as a WCAC Canine Paparazza
  • Keep the WCAC Foster Board up to date
  • Become a WCAC Fido Fitness Volunteer
  • Lead Dogs Playing for Life playgroups a couple of times a week
  • Offer to help more with the Landfill Dogs project
  • Figure out how I can help the WCAC foster program without fostering
  • Start my own rescue

So quickly my thoughts of what I want to do overwhelm me. Stop. Time to temper my ambition and set myself up for success (ha, dog training works on humans too).

For me, daily training with Ruby and Khayla, weekly paparazza visits to the WCAC, and keeping this blog will be my New Year’s Resolutions … and maybe squeaking in some of the other stuff on my list.

With that, I ask you to pay it forward to these abandoned animals that we all may have a glorious 2014.

Spotlight on Nancy Botwin

The Pittie not the Weeds character
Nancy Botwin (WCAC ID: 93527)
Nancy Botwin (WCAC ID: 93527)

Back in late September this little beauty came to the WCAC way too skinny. She is putting on some weight and learning that she can take treats gently as more will be coming.

Like most Pit Bull mixes this three-year-old girl longs for nothing more than a loving human touch. She lives for those moments where she can sit in your lap, lean against your leg or reach up for a hug and an ear scratch. She’s also a happy little walker who does well on a leash and will even take the leash and walk herself if you get tired.


She is a celebrity, one of Shannon Johnstone’s Landfill Dogs, as you can see by all her fabulous photos here. Nancy loves riding in the car and exploring the world and especially the wonders of parks.


Nancy is already spayed so she can go home with you the moment you find that you are meant to be each other’s furever family.


Nancy Botwin (WCAC ID: 93257) is available for adoption through the Wake County Animal Center. Click here to check her and all the other wonderful animals out.

1 thought on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. My heroes are the selfless people like you who work in shelters, rescue groups and as foster parents to abused, abandoned and homeless animals. It is a tough job. I don’t know how you do it. My novel is dedicated to heroes like you. Thanks. Colleen

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