Hello, I’m Oscar

Hi folks. I didn’t know so many people were in my corner working hard to find me my furever home. They have these people called marketing experts and they thought I needed a new name. I thought Oscar was a great name, but they told me some human had written some crazy name on my forms. Once I told them my name was Oscar, the nice marketing volunteer said she’d take care of it.

Some might say I’m a perfect cat ‘cause I’m friendly but not too clingy and have lived with cats and dogs. You can tell how happy a boy I am ‘cause my tail twitches so hard my butt wiggles like a puppy dog. I also need to speak out against age discrimination: eight is not old, eight is right perfect! No kitten crazies, but plenty of life left in this ol’ boy.

These pics don’t do me justice, and even though the nice lady said she’s gonna do a real photo shoot with me – I think you need to come out to the Knightdale Petco and meet me cat-to-person. Who knows, maybe I could even go home with you right then!


Click here to see all the wonderful animals at the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) looking for their furever homes.

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