A Fair Trade

C bought a new lawnmower last week, so I told him I was bringing home a foster kitten. Seemed a perfectly reasonable negotiation to me.

Foster Family Photo
Foster Family Photo

Okay, so prior to this C and I had discussed that I’d like to help out with crazy kitten season at the shelter and perhaps foster a couple of bottle feeders or something else small that could be kept in the bathtub. And, well, all the bottle feeders were taken by the time I was ready, but J asked if I would take home a four-month-old kitten with a cold. Isn’t that the way of it, always just a little more than you had planned on taking on? Oh well, apparently “Mooseta” was a real love bug with a monster purr motor.

Moo-Shoo (105003)_2014-06-30 20.51.54

Yes, her official shelter name is Mooseta (WCAC ID: 105003). Apparently she was named Moose before they realized she had girl parts and some felt that she needed a feminine name. We call her Moo Shoo ‘cause I was never going to remember how to say her shelter name without getting all tongue tied.

As I sat with her that first afternoon and she licked my face, a new name became apparent: Kissy Kitty. I haven’t had that good of an exfoliation treatment in a couple of years. And with the biscuit-making and soft kitten head-butts, I came up with the brilliant idea of kitten spa treatments … after all, they have those fish that nibble on your feet for a kinky pedicure.

One drawback: a kissy kitty with a cold means you will be sneezed on, in the face. Thank goodness she can’t give her cold to me.

Also, she HATED being sequestered in the bathroom. I began to think I had been sent home with a puppy. She mewed and carried on like we were torturing her. She climbed up on the sink and then the towel bar so she could rattle the door and screamew! We finally just let her roam the house. She follows us around some, but also has that independent catitude and will be gone for long periods of time.

I have found most of her hiding places.

There will be more stories to tell, but I will stop with this little introduction for now. We are fostering her and as soon as she gets over her cold she will be available for adoption through the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC). In the meantime, check out all the great dogs, cats, rodents, etc. looking for their furever homes by clicking on this link.

Also, you too can help by becoming a WCAC foster family. Click here for more information and to fill out an application.

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