Cubby, Introduce Yourself

Hello world!

Cubby (WCAC ID: 103142)
Cubby (WCAC ID: 103142)

My name is Cubby and trust me when I tell you I am the dog that you are looking for!

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way. When I came into the center, I couldn’t even walk! Yet with the team at the center, and some antibiotics, I am now bouncing, jumping, and running like the normal dog! They believed I had temporary paralysis caused by a tick but I am better now!

I know SIT, STAY, LAY DOWN, and a special trick that my foster dad taught me! I am HOUSETRAINED and CRATE TRAINED. I also sleep through the night and I am pretty relaxed inside the house. I also LISTEN and RESPOND to correction very well. I am GREAT WITH KIDS and I currently live with a female and male Boxer. My female foster sister has taught me how to RESPECT the Alpha dog and my male foster brother has taught me what it means to PLAY with other dogs again! I do well with most dogs, no matter the breed or size, and I am very GENTLE with toys and treats.

Please contact my foster dad at RICCI.KEARNEY@WAKEGOV.COM to set up a meeting with me, your pets, and your family! Now excuse me, my foster dad and I are about to watch wrestling and there is a special spot beside him just for me. See ya!

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