Moo Finds a Home

The pitter-patter of crazy little kitten paws is gone.  Moo got better and we took her back to the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC). You can tell she’s gone because of Tic Tac’s self-satisfied lounging around the house and Ruby’s concerned-pleading look.

I knew Moo was feeling better because she was much livelier than before and seemed to always be running through the house and skidding out of control as only a kitten can. Success! We had nursed this little girl back to health and made her a lover tolerant of dogs.

She made me cry as I drove her to the shelter that day – mostly because she was meowing plaintively (she never liked riding in cars) and peed on herself. I reminded myself that she would get more exposure to potential adopters at the WCAC than in Suze’s Diva Den.

Sure enough, she was adopted within a couple of hours of me dropping her off. Yea! It’s easy to understand as she’s a total cutie and purrs like a motorboat when let out of confinement – like a shelter kennel.

Mooseta (WCAC ID: 105003)
Mooseta (WCAC ID: 105003)

Wishing you a wonderful life with your furever family, Moo!

Never fear, there are lots and lots of cats, kittens, dogs and puppies still looking for you, their furever home. Please visit the WCAC daily between noon and 6 p.m. or check out the website by clicking here.

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