This is Tic Tac

Guest post by Charlie Foote

I’m a cat person. I’m not afraid to admit it. There are probably some men out there who would not admit to such a fact about themselves out of a misguided fear that it means they’re not macho enough. But that’s never bothered me. I figure if the character of Mr. Spock from Star Trek liked cats (and an episode or two of the show seems to bear this out), then I could do worse for a role model. After all, the guy was extremely intelligent, supremely rational, and despite his lack of emotion still drew the admiration of more than one space babe in his time.

All of this is to say that after our last cat, Spice, passed away a few years ago, I eventually wanted to get another cat. I did make myself take a break of about a year and a half before considering getting another one, just to press the reset button on things. But after a while, Suze brought up the idea of fostering a cat from the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC), and I thought that might be a nice transition to eventually having another cat of our own.

We went to the shelter and took a look at the cats who were candidates for fostering. One of the first ones we looked at was a jet-black cat named Tic Tac. One of the volunteers enthusiastically told me I was sure to like Tic Tac as she handed him over to me to hold for a bit. Dude was totally relaxed, sat in my arms, and purred. After a couple of minutes I decided he was the one and we brought him home.

Tic Tac adjusted quickly to life our house and soon was hanging out and enjoying life with us. It turns out Tic Tac was like Kryptonite to my fostering resolve, because I almost immediately knew that I wanted to adopt him. Less than 48 hours later, we made it official and he became a permanent part of our family.

He’s a very cool cat – black like a black panther, with green-gold eyes. He loves to play with the laser pointer, and will even “ask” for it so he can chase that red dot. He can be very chatty sometimes. Our dog Ruby loves to play chase with him, with Tic Tac instigating the play half the time. He’s my buddy. When I come home from work he comes to greet me once the din of our excited dogs dies down, and he runs to my office door in anticipation of me going in there to finish my day’s work from my laptop. He’s very affectionate and quite a character.

Who says black cats are bad luck?

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