What ya’ doin’ this weekend?

A new series where I showcase the pups I photographed during the week and highlight local shelter events.

Bitsy (WCAC ID: 96248)

Bitsy is a 10 month old Chi mix with an incredibly adorable under-bite. She is full of puppy energy and high squeaky barks, but she calms right down if you pick her up. A little training and she’s gonna be a real show stopper.

Sergeant Pickles (WCAC ID: 108372)

Another puppy who needs some training and you will have people stopping you in the streets to pet him. He’s just seven months old, but did well during his photo shoot. And look at that nub tail – OMG. And his coat is so luxurious you just can’t resist a snuggle.

Voile (WCAC ID: 109016)

They don’t get any sweeter than this new mom, Voile. At just three year’s old she is the perfect age to be past some of the crazy puppy stuff and still young enough to run and play for hours.

Stormy (WCAC ID: 109116)

Stormy is just 10 months old and ALL puppy. He is so sweet and needs a family who is going to take him on long walks (and even runs), do training (he’d be a good agility pup) and just play with him.

Romeo (WCAC ID: 109119)

Romeo oh Romeo where are ya babe? He’s just two years old and has a wonderfully big blocky head. He as lots of energy, but wasn’t rude about it during our photo shoot. He really just wants to lean up against your legs and get some affection.

Maya (WCAC ID: 109145)

I love Maya. Who could resist that face? She’s just your average Carolina Shelter Dog breed and so very very sweet.

Lady (WCAC ID: 109155)

This one year old is breaking my heart with these pics. She was surrendered just a couple of days ago and is super stressed at the shelter. She needs to find her foster family or a furever home where someone will take their time and show her what love is.

Martin (WCAC ID: 109186)

Martin also needs someone who will understand his skittishness (mostly to noises) and help him gain confidence. A two year old Shepherd mix who was surrendered last wee, he’s still getting use to life in a noisy shelter.

Harley (WCAC ID: 109401)

And finally, Harley. I can’t tell you much about this 10 year old sweetie as he was surrendered just minutes before I started my pawparazzi shift and they didn’t leave an info sheet on him. He seemed very sweet and accepting of me climbing in the kennel with him. And he absolutely LOVED the butt scratch I gave him – got that tongue flicking like nobody’s business.

So there you go, what are you waiting for? Put that coffee in a to-go cup, run those errands this morning and stop by the Wake County Animal Center anytime after noon today to meet these pups and so many many more.

You can check out my Flickr Pawparazzi gallery and the WCAC adoption gallery to see all the available animals. I hear there is even a red tailed boa going in to foster today.

Event Round-up:

Tomorrow is World Rabies Day and the Rottweiler Hearts Rescue is having a low cost clinic at the new Phydeux’ in Cary today.



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