WCAC ID: 90561

Charo (WCAC ID: 90561)
Charo (WCAC ID: 90561)

Charo is a young female Hound mix with a very high energy level who loves attention. You might just say she’s an “attention hound” – ha, ha, ha! She’s a little over two years old, which explains all that energy, and is a lovely brown and white brindle. Charo is currently in foster, but she’s been in the shelter system since early July of 2013! Her foster momma has taught her how to sit and take treats gently as well as walk with manners on the leash. She absolutely has a blast grabbing her leash to walk herself or enticing you into a game of tug-of-war. Her foster mom has spent a lot of time working with her and Charo has learned to be a good listener because she’s a good girl who is totally worth it.

Charo does very well in doggy playgroup at the shelter as long as there are no meanies – got to agree with her on that one. She and her foster brother Roman have a lot of fun together.

“I’ve even learned to share my toys with him, which is something I wasn’t very good with at first.” With Charo’s love of play and high energy level, she needs a home without small children and one that is active to help that energy.

Charo (WCAC ID: 90561)
Charo (WCAC ID: 90561)

If you have other dogs at home or have questions regarding temperament, please talk to Charo’s foster momma about compatibility and proper introduction. Her email address is

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