WCAC ID: 73418.

Hi, Tic Tac the cat here. Mamma has good intentions of posting a Pittie every day of this Pit Bull Awareness Month …

She missed yesterday afternoon so I thought I would help her out and post this girl Boots this morning. Boots is a female Am Staff who is a little over three years old. I let her tell you about herself. Oh, and she is one of Mary Shannon Johnstone’s Landfill Dogs!

“Hi! My name is Boots because I look like I have white boots on my feet. I am 2 years old and longing for a forever family. I have been in the same foster home since I was a little puppy so my mommy knows me really well. Mom says I am a sweet, loving dog who would do anything for a treat. I LOVE to snuggle up on your lap and especially to give kisses.

“My mom thinks the PERFECT home for me would be one where:

  1. I am the only dog, or at least the biggest dog. I am rather choosy about what dogs I allow around my people.
  2. I could be a running partner. I love to run.
  3. I could be around people. I love people! Mom thinks older children would be best.

“Mom thinks I ought to mention that I am crate trained and though I prefer to be out and about, will rest quietly in my crate while you are gone or asleep at night. I don’t chase cats. Inside, I bark only when I am concerned about what is going on. I’m in good shape, am up to date on all my vaccines, already spayed and ready to go home with you. I even do well riding in the car! Could you please give me a chance?”

If you’d like to know more about Boots or to schedule a meet and greet, please email

Boots (WCAC ID: 73418)
It’s never too early to put in your Christmas wish!

To learn more about adopting from the Wake County Animal Center check out the website and the adoption gallery. They are open from noon to 6:00 p.m. daily.


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