Making Good on Those Intentions

They say the road to purgatory is paved with good intentions and I hate to think how many miles of that I have personally helped with. Heck, I’ve even turned it into a four-lane highway.

Last week, October 1 – 7, was National Walk Your Dog Week. My plan was not only to talk about it here BUT to also start walking my own dogs. We were pretty regular about it a few months ago because we had a neighbor to keep us honest. But life got “busy” and it’s been weeks and weeks since we’ve walked, period.

I know I should be getting exercise and walking is good exercise, but it has lots of benefits for your dog as well. For one, it makes training easier as your pup won’t have all that excess energy that needs to go somewhere.

So, starting this Monday, I swear I will walk my dogs for 20-30 minutes at least four times a week.

Also, if you have the time you could be a welcome addition to the Wake County Animal Center’s Fido Fitness crew. Many of the dogs surrendered to the shelter, and actually many of the strays as well, appear to be housetrained. I’ve seen dogs “hold it” for a couple of days. They need to go out twice a day.

We have some very dedicated dog walkers, but the WCAC is so full of dogs that we could really use more. If you are interested, please fill out a volunteer application and get scheduled for an orientation. And join the club of those trying to turn those good intentions into good things actually done.

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