Fan Favorite Friday – Calming Signals

A new segment at Sometimes posts, pics, or stories that you guys like. Sometimes, like today, things I’m a fan of.

I’m a fan of Turid Rugaas’ book “On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals.” I have both the Kindle version and the print version ‘cause I admit to actually feeling like there are more pics in the print version. It probably has something to do with the tactile sensibilities.



It was one of the first books I read when getting into training my own dogs, but I have benefited so much more in my dealings with shelter dogs having studied this book.

Even the trailer for her DVD, “The Wee Signs of Dogs,” inspired me to get back to watching my own dogs communicate.  My Ruby is a hoot with her “aggravated yawning.” It’s a real charge to know you’re familiar enough with your dog that a particular yawn is her voicing her frustration, that she’s bored and you’re not responding appropriately/fast enough.

So, not only is it good to observe how dogs talk to each other, but we can use their language for better communication. Check out Turid’s blog post 2013 on Calming Signals.

I know once you get a taste you are gonna want to see all the pics that go along with it.


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