Did you forget about us?

A couple of weeks ago this nice lady came to the shelter and took our picture. She was funny the way she kept opening the door and then quickly shutting it when we stuck our noses out. She was very gentle and never pinched any of our noses in the door.

We hijacked her blog this week ‘cause … well … we’re still here at the shelter … and damnit, we want to find our forever families!

Batman (ID: 228239)

I’m Batman! I am one cool dude and am looking for my crime fighting partner. I’ve been around for over seven years, so yes, I’ve been through some ups and downs. I’m not soft, but my fur is luxurious – an awesome feature for pets and cuddles. Hey, someone has to be there for the Batman … and I’m thinking that someone is you!

Chance (ID: 118173)

“If you change your mind, I’m the first in line … Honey I’m still free … Take a chance on me…” Too cheesy? I’m willing to give it a try if the melodies will take me into your heart. This ol’ girl has been around the block a few times in her 15 years, but I’m all love. Please stop by the WCAC and give me a cuddle. I just know you’ll see me for the lovely lady I am.

Cinnamon (ID: 118231)

Everyone talks about being spicy. Well, I’m Cinnamon and I’m that subtle spice that just makes the dish better without being all up in your face. I’m a little over five years old – a good age for just being your companion without a whole lot of demands. Let me be that little something that makes your life better.

Cinnamon (WCAC ID: 118231)
Cinnamon (WCAC ID: 118231)

Brody (ID: 118292) & Brian (118294)

Dudes! Us bros need some love, man. We’re eight years old, but I wouldn’t call us grumpy old men. We’re just a little more refined and sophisticated than your average off-the-wall kittens. We’d like to go home together, but would love being your one and only. Hubba-hubba, baby.

Donovan (ID: 118381)

Ladies, ladies … ignore those old coots. I’m three years old so you know I still got lots of fun in me. I know how to keep you warm on those cold winter nights … and trust me, they will be back and you want me there. I’m a modern man who knows how to listen and I’m here to do just that.

Trouble (ID: 118417)

My name is Trouble, but I am anything but trouble. I am a sweet one-year-old kitty who loves people. I am easy to pick up and hold and have a great purr. I previously lived in a home with children ages 2, 3, and 5 and we all got along great. I am very affectionate and playful. When it comes to bedtime, I like to sleep with you.  If you are looking for an all-around great kitty, please come meet me and give me a chance to win your heart.

When we go to our new homes, we will be spayed/neutered, have all our vaccinations, a microchip and tested for FIV/FLV.

So, that’s who we are. We’re here waiting for you. They open the doors every day of the week at noon so please stop by and get to know us.

Wake County Animal Center, 820 Beacon Lake Drive, Raleigh, NC 27610  919-212-PETS (7387)


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