Throwback Thursday

That Time I Took Ruby to 4th of July Fireworks

I don’t have any pics ‘cause she did not react well and even after we put her in the car she left a nice present on the floorboards. Poor baby. My previous pups didn’t mind fireworks. But Ruby doesn’t like loud noises or thunderstorms, which should have been my clue. It reminded me how much you need to know your dog, and to not make assumptions. Now she gets to stay inside away from it all with lots of tasty treats and games to distract her.

It is also one of the busiest times a year at your local shelter for this very same reason. Please make sure your pup has identification with up-to-date info and a microchip. Because if they get spooked and end up at the shelter, well, they need to find a way home.

Finally, if you are having a party, make sure there is somewhere safe you pet can escape to when it gets to be too much and make sure your guests know approved foods.


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