Labor (of Love) Day

Yes, I labored on Labor Day. And, yes, it was a labor of love. I was finally able to make one of the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) Dog Playgroups. It was fun to watch the different pups run, jump, roll, and wrestle until they were just too pooped to do anything other than flop on the ground with their tongues hanging out. It was even more fun to see a couple of pups I took pics of earlier in the week get to romp.

Ollie (ID: 122007)

If you visit him today he won’t be quite as white; he had a great time running and wrestling in the yard. This beautiful Lab mix is about four years old and weighs around 52 pounds. He’s tall and his fur is so soft.

Ollie (ID: 122007)
Ollie (ID: 122007)

He was very well mannered when we had our photo session and seems to know “SIT.” Also, he took treats very gently for a Lab.

He is heartworm positive, but I’ve come to learn that is not quite so scary as it sounds. There are different types of treatments at different cost points. Please stop by and visit Ollie. You’re bound to fall in love.

Jessica (ID: 122010)

Another sweetheart who was very well mannered for her photo shoot, and she hadn’t been at the Center long enough to go for walks. I was very impressed with how nice and calm she was in her kennel.

She’s a Hound mix who is around a year old and weighs 55 pounds. She’s got some long legs and a wonderfully expressive face.

Trudy (ID: 122015)

Two words – wiggle butt. Oh, my, gosh, she is absolutely adorable. And those ears! This little American Staffordshire Terrier mix is about three years old and is “recovering” from having puppies.

As much as she was scampering around me in the kennel wanting to play, she still sat so nicely to have her picture taken. No jumping, just scampering.

Charizard (ID: 122037)

Charizard (ID: 122037)
Charizard (ID: 122037)

Yes, he took some very funny looking photos, but he was such a good boy and easy to correct when he got a little too rowdy in playgroup.

A two-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix who is a long-legged 52 pounds. Again, I am impressed with how good he was during his photo shoot.

Nalah (ID: 122076)

Another sweetheart, although she was most determined to escape her kennel when I had finished her photo shoot. Silly girl, she wouldn’t be the one to break my “no escape” record.

Nalah (ID: 122076)
Nalah (ID: 122076)

Her fur is like velvet and she’s a two-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix who has some muscle on her and weighs 73 pounds.

I’m told she can be a little over-the-top when the Fido Fitness crew walk another dog past her kennel. Then again, she hadn’t been at the Center long enough to get out for walks. It’d torque me off if I saw others go by to have fun in the big outdoors and I was stuck inside.

Karen (ID: 122177) – Veronica (ID: 122176) – Sheila (ID: 122178)

I usually don’t photograph the puppies. After all, puppies are first to be adopted and they’re hardly there long enough for me to get my pics processed and uploaded. AND usually you can’t tell them apart enough to know who is who. But these three were just too cute with their fully bellies and snozzly attitudes.


As always, you can learn more about all the sweeties needing homes by going to the WCAC Adoption Gallery web page and browsing all those adorable mugs. You’ll find out particulars and some insights in their bios.

The WCAC is open seven days a week from noon to 6:00 PM. Stop by and find the love of your life.

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