To Be or Not To Be Kissed

Happy International Kissing Day!

Random Stranger on Fayetteville Street 2013

Although I get many a nice kiss from my husband, my Khayla is one obsessed kissing Pibble. Now, I’ve never minded it. In fact my first dog, Sugar, had a very rough Chow Chow tongue that gave a wonderful massage on the bottom of your feet. So you can imagine my fear when this headline came across my Facebook feed the other day: “Kissing Your Dog Isn’t Just Gross, It Can Potentially Make You Very Sick” ( I really didn’t want to read it, but today – International Kissing Day – I did.

The blog post told the story of a poor woman in the United Kingdom who ended up spending several days in intensive care after getting a serious infection. Doctors could only figure it came from being licked by her dog. Whoa.

Digging a little deeper, I found the “No Kissing Please!” post on The Hippocratic Post to be very interesting. The post talked about not only what diseases our doggy’s saliva can carry and what can potentially be transferred from dog to human, but also what we can transfer to our dogs, for example, e coli. Professor John Oxford, emeritus professor of virology and bacteriology at Queen Mary, University of London, made a point that struck home with me about how it’s not just what’s in their saliva but the fact that they always have their noses to the ground in “nasty corners”. Hmmm, good point.

The post was also good in that it talked about the benefits of having a dog in your life. In the end it comes down to remaining calm and not being an alarmist about being licked by a dog.

So although I will now give Miss KK  fewer opportunities for a compete kissfest, I will not deny her or myself that gesture of affection and deep friendship.


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