Who are we?

It’s been a few years since I started this blog, and just as our life has changed in many ways so has afureverfamily morphed. Time for a re-write.

Growing up in rural Minnesota, dogs were not part of my life. In fact, after a Doberman knocked me down and stood on my chest when I was three years old I was scared of dogs. I was in graduate school when I got my first dog, a Chow Chow puppy I named Sugar. Caring for and protecting her got me over any fear of dogs I had. We moved across the country and years later when she got cancer I knew I could never again come home to a dogless house.


My next dog, a Chow mix named Snips, was a sweet unruly boy. He loved to dart out the door and the only way to catch him was to follow him until he turned a corner and acted like he hadn’t seen you in years.

It was during this time that I made friends with someone who had dogs who were mindful and trained. After watching my friend command her dog, Jake, to stop as he ran across an open field with people and dogs, I vowed that my next dog would be trained.

We lost Snips to illness just a week before I began volunteering at the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) as a pawparazzo.


Tippi was one of the first dogs I photographed. How I ended up with a big black Lab can only be described as fate and her good fortune. Unknown to WCAC and us she had been abandoned at the shelter because of her urinary incontinence and Cushing’s Disease. She had obviously been trained in her previous life because she was a rock star in the obedience classes we took. Just a little over a year later, we dropped her off at our vet to have a tooth removed and she never woke up.

My time volunteering at the WCAC taught me a love of Pit Bull-type dogs. My next dog was going to be a Pittie! I’d also been reading some great blogs like “Love and a Six-Foot Leash.” They inspired me to try fostering and as part of that process to blog about my fosters as a way of promoting them.

I also started assisting my best friend in dog training at Teamworks Dog Training, LLC. Not only has it been fabulous to train my own dogs, but the things I’ve learned about dog behavior have been invaluable in my WCAC volunteering and fostering.

Three foster failures later, afureverfamily.com needed to morph and merge with Suze’s WCAC Stories and so it has become a place where I express my views on shelter issues, show off pics of pups looking for furever homes, highlight pups that have been in the system way too long and now kitten fostering.

Please continue to stop by, check us out, and share, share, share. These animals need every opportunity we can give them to find furever homes.

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