Snow Princess Licks-a-Lot

Lucy was really my first foster – she was an accidental foster as I hadn’t planned on starting this adventure until after the first of the year, but she had been returned because she had “attacked” her adopter’s dog.

Following her assessment by the SPCA behaviorist it was determined that she wasn’t dog aggressive, she just had ABSOLUTELY NO manners when it came to dog-on-dog interactions. AND she didn’t know when to quit without a human intervening. She’s that obnoxious little boy who keeps punching the little girl in the arm because he likes her.

She is a wonderful cuddle bug and loved to give kisses – so much so that she would literally launch herself at your face. I still miss her snuggled up next to me on the couch while we watched TV.

In the end, she was adopted by a gentleman who lives outside of Wake County. He apparently has experience with dog-on-dog issues and rescues many of them to his farm. They live outside on harnesses and chains until he can work them into the pack. It made me very sad when she was adopted as I wanted her to spend the rest of her life as a couch princess and the farm really didn’t sound like that would be the case. In the end, I know that her dog nature will make her happy wherever she is.

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